My girls

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So I've been going on and on about how much I like Brown Cows and Richard's daughters.
9-5 (Big Sister) was pregged 4 months bred today.

Her Sister (Little Sister) and her both got the full vaccination and wormed today.
They will be part of my girls from here on I reckon...
Don't pay any never mind to that top wire. I know I know!
Well she's done it again I believe. 9-6 was born July 12th.
Shes done gone and moved up expeditiously. Wish her first daughter would do that! Still waiting on her too. She ain't late, but dang sure ain't moved up.

Brown Cow. The one with the hat.
Lil bit o goo...
She had a heifer by Big Sexy 2 calves ago. Didn't keep that one. Last two have been by Richard. And I still got em!
Nice calf! Bull or heifer?
Big ol bull!
Banded and tagged. I was sure to turn to the hot wire off before I headed down there. Lil bit of a wrestle getting him banded in the ditch. Frisky already!
Could not get any pics of mama acting like she was gonna get me. Just ain't got enough hands. 🤣

Here they are tho!
Headed north to find a new hide out. The freshly mowed ditch is no longer suitable.
How bout that pasture! Came back pretty good all things considered.
Ditto's mama should be along next.

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