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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
I just thought I would share what has been going on with us since Monday evening.

Steffie my beautiful 12 year old border collie and cow girl had trouble urinating and was extremely uncomfortable and in pain so I rushed her to the vets at 7:00 am Tuesday morning where she had ex rays and then an ultra sound. This was a whole day event running around from clinic to clinic. At 6:30 pm she had a "bed" waiting for her at the Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre in Calgary (2 hours away) and we rushed her there asap. Consulted with the Internalist(?) and checked her in. After a catheter and then more ex rays, ultra sounds and eventually a scope with the dreaded biopsy it was confirmed that she has urethral cancer which is very rare and effects only 2% of dogs.

This is absolutely devastating to me (us) as most of you know we do not have children so my pets, especially Steff, fill my life .

After speaking to her specialist earlier today we still cannot bring her home because she had a very bad day and they cannot start the meds or remove the catheter yet..So that does not sound good as the Sunday before the complete blockage we had ran 4 miles together and when I gave her a hug and kiss goodbye on Tues. she was still bright eyed and wagging her tail.
I hope that she has a better night and they can start her on the meds asap so we can bring her home and she can fight this cancer..

So if you can all say a little prayer for us ,especially Steffie, I would greatly appreciate it..Now if I could only stop the darn water works..

Thank you,
sorry to hear about your dog.hope she can be home with yall soon.its not easy when our pets are sick esp when your real close to them.
john250":za6t13e5 said:
I doubt there are many on these boards who have NOT cried over a dog. Don't let her suffer. My sympathy to you.

As usual, John has given the perfect response. I hope for the best for you and her.
We feel the same about our dogs. we too have no children and they kinda fill that void. Been where you are now, understand what you are going through.
You are in our prayers

Thank you all.
She is not suffering , but she did have a some stomach issues today (major diarrhea) when they gave her solid food for the first time in 2 days so they want her stomach to straighten out before they give the meds..I think that being away from "mom" and home is stressful enough on her let alone this. Steffie hates going anywhere ,especially if I am not with her..
We have 2 specialists on the go right now as well as 3 GP vets so hopefully we can find the best treatment for her..Hopefully this new med will work and give us more time with her , that is the strange thing about her cancer she had no symptoms until it was full blown and it is only in her urethra no where else..Let's hope it stays that way..

I will let you all know when I hear from the doctors tomorrow morning..
It's obvious that she is very special to you. So sorry that this happened! Vets can do almost everything for dogs that MD's do for people nowadays, so here's hoping for a great outcome.
Wanda, I'm so sorry to hear about your trouble, Steffie and you are in my prayers.

Thank you all..We have faced many hurdles as a family, cancer seems to be what Steffie and I have in common ..

I know some may think "oh well ,it's just a dog" and if so you have really missed out in life..

Thanks again, and I really appreciate the good thoughts and prayers... :heart:
I'm so sorry hills

My goat has a similar problem and she is like a dog to me ... we have her on anti-inflammatory meds which allows her to void urine and be almost normal, a happy healthy girl

for you, steffie and your family

(I know all about those darn waterworks!)
I hope your dog pulls through hd. Most of us know how the thought of losing a pet that has been that faithful can be. My thoughts are with you and your dog.
Thank you all..We brought Steffie home last night, she peed on her own after the catheter was removed ...
She is happy to be home and I am happy to have her home. We have started chemo and a very specialized K9 diet and go we will from there..
The main thing is that she can pee ....

I have much work to do ,,,and will pray for the best..
Was off for a bit and just read this. I really hope your dog is making progress ~ I know how very important mine is to me. As someone said, it is amazing what they can do for them now days. I am thinking that just having her home goes a long way towards making you both feel better. Let us know how she is coming along!