My 25.00 Calf

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Joy of Texas

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Nov 13, 2007
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This is the little bull calf I bought Monday . He is doing really good. I got colostrum in him and a round of shots. The jersey is letting him nurse,so I think the little guy is going to make it.
Helpful Hint : If you you see that orange thing. It's a dog harness. It's very helpful to control the little boogers. It doesn't choke them and it's very easy to lead them or hold them still.

Good for you Joy! :clap: I have to admit I was looking forward to seeing color when I opened your post, but thats a cute little guy, and $25 is a great deal, especially with a nurse cow. I like the harness idea, I use halters, but the harness is better yet for a baby.
Aince you have him broke to harness you should train him as an ox
Oh Joy, he's beautiful! My fingers are crossed for him, and you!

He looks like he's made of velvet or velveteen. I like the dog harness idea, I'll keep that in mind in the future.

Good deal. Good luck with him.

Looks like you did okay...and I'm gonna have to dig out my harness (use to have hound dogs), I was gonna get rid of the thing...that's a handy idea. donna
Let me throw in my kudos for the harness idea! Good thinkin'!!!!

Thanks all,Ha ! I loved the responses. A seeing eye calf LOL. Now that's funny.No he doesn't chase the cats yet. I'm more worried about him chasing cars and peeing on trees. :lol:
Workinonit, he does have a beautiful velvet coat. His coat is so soft.
The harness does work real well guys. I started using a dog harness on a calf last summer. The little stinker wouldn't stay still. I had my dog there ,so I borrowed her harness. They don't seem to fight as much as they do with a halter.
He doesn't have a name yet. Give me some ideas.

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