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Went to check the lease place a bit ago.
Frosty ears had hers. She wanted noooo part of that straight piped hog. Best pic I could get after getting off the bike and walking a bit. Looks like she's got a brahma calf. And fast too!! Keeping right up with speedy mom. Hopefully she brings it up to feed tomorrow eve.
Quite the group over there. Got about one of everything it seems.
They sold a real sharp 4 year old brahma bull yesterday. Wasn't quite a ton.
I couldn't even bid. Bulls like that bringing a dollar fifty plus to slaughter.
Looks like she has quite an udder, too! What kind is she?
That's a good question! Crossbred of some sort. My buddy thought braunvieh cross. But she's got a bit of ear. Pretty good pic here...
Cows reminds me a LOT of the lil project heifer I sold back in the late fall. BTW, I sold that heifer calf and bought this bred cow for many less dollars than I sold the heifer for.
This cow was bought from same seller. She should be bred to whatever bull frosty ears was bred to. Should be along soon....
Again. She was less money than another heifer I sold at the same time.
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Crossbred of some sort. My buddy thought braunvieh cross. But she's got a bit of ear. Pretty good pic here...
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Brown Swiss, Brahman, homozygous black something or other. The percentages are debatable. I'm betting the dam was half and half BS/Black.
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Not the greatest for sure.
Calf is making it better tho. Undecided on one more go round for her. Cow prices are so crazy, and this one was cheap.
Ya. It may go 5 years with out a problem or it may cause one next year. The only thing I know is it always causes a problem in a bad year when you don't need one. 😄
I sold some projects this evening. Hopefully yall can read my scribbles. I'll post a pic below.
Sale was incredible tonight.
Breeding bulls up to $5300/HD
Lots and lots of breds and pairs at $3000

What was absolutely incredible to me was the two, 6 and 7 year old Jersey cows. One had 3 calves on her and was bred 2 months to an Angus bull. She was the 7 yr old.
The cow/calf/calf/calf family brought $4900!!!

The 6 year open jersey had 4 calves paired up. She brought $5300!! And then the guy re-sold 3 of the calves at 600 each. Guess he's got smaller babies that need milk. Idk!

I watched em sell and just could not believe it, even tho it happened before my very eyes. When they have a Market report available I'll post a screenshot in the sales section.

Anyway, here's what I sold. Weights and what not are there. To the left is what I got em bought for. Some as few as 2 months ago.
I've still got the 2 crossbreds. Bessie, Dapples, Seven, Rocket.
I'm down to 6 cows and 8 calves. 🤣

All the cows I sold were heavy bred or pairs.

Note, not all made money. One got super skinny on me. One stifled (but still made money) the lil red cow was poor and developed a slightly odd gait in the hind end.
The ones that did well more than made up for the losers tho.
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Dapples 2 heifers are growing great!!
They both come to feed. Eating 20% range cubes with the mamas. I had an extra square bale so I threw it out there. Those 2 looooved that!
That second white calf will NOT cross the creek for nothing. I don't even know if it's a bull or heifer. But it's alive and seems healthy from afar. So all good.
It'll come up eventually.
The heifer is coming right along tho...
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Finally the lil booger came up!!
Got a tag and I got them nads too!
Smokey/white face. Nice lil calf really...

The heifer from the other cow is frame-ier. But more slender. Both mamas are doing a good job. I'll keep these here to raise them calves and have a bull with them and my girls end of May.
Lookout! He's gonna gitcha! 😏

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