Murphy’s Law of cattle

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Mar 8, 2014
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Pisgah, Alabama
If it can happen it will happen! Sorting through our last calves to haul to the sale . Moved 6 Hereford cows to our commercial herd . Cut out 6 dry cows to the pasture that we stockpiled some grass . So got down to the small calves we were going to turn back out and the 12 we were sending to the sale . Calf was running in the lot and turned real quick and went down like you shot her . My son and I both heard it pop ! Dislocated her back leg at the hock . Called the vet to see what he thought. He said she probably tore all the ligaments. Two options: keep her up and she if it gets better or haul in the morning and make hamburger. Got to have her at the locker plant by 7 am .
That's bad hate when those kind of things happen.
I had a calf years ago that fell over an embankment and broke a hind leg if I remember. Neighbor said he knew somebody that would take the calf and have it processed. We agreed they took the calf and next thing I heard they were mad because they said you couldn't eat the meat it was so bad. Think they wanted me to cover the cost of processing but I didn't agree to that and just let them be mad, I figure I gave it to them as is with no guarantee.
My guess was that adrenaline was running through the calf after the fall and pain and then them loading and handling it and it was a dark cutter.
They probably were telling the truth about that but never could be sure with that fella. I had caught him telling several big tales that were not true, so just never could rely much on that guys words.
Never had one processed after an injury. Didn't really get her excited before it happened and fixing to load her tonight for in the morning. Putting it all in burger just in case . Think it will be an issue about taste ?
Years ago, we had a cow with hardware and I had given her Banamine. Processing before the withdrawal time but because it was just for us, went ahead. Fat old cow and some of the best burger ever!
Oh yeah, you can still eat them. I wasnt worried about that..I was concerned with the calf being in pain til in the morning
Well sorry about your luck, that really sucks.
I hate to be "that guy" but there is no way I'd eat that calf. Or any other for that matter. I've eaten two, the first one and the last one. Same calf. But you might not mind it, only one way to find out.
Calf got off the trailer by itself and into the chute at the locker plant . I had warned them she might be rowdy and might need help but it went smooth.
We have had similar cattle processed into burger and it has always been good. We have only processed those in good shape. If they are poor I wouldn't recommend it.
The calf that we had that broke a leg was nursing a cow probably around 5 months old it was in good condition for that age, in the summer getting milk and pasture .
I have no idea if it was good or bad, the guy we gave it too was well known to be somebody that was questionable at best.
I caught him telling a big tale that was completely stupid and unnecessary just useless talk, so if he'd make up stories that didn't have anything to do with anything it stands to logic that he would lie about something tangible to try to get money. He was not one of the fellers I referred to in my experiences thread but kind of like them in that he was shameless when it came to trying to get something for nothing.
I've always wondered if it was true, or if he just thought he could try to con a kid into giving him money.
I'm hoping your calf will turn out good.
I have lost two cows to lightning, standing under a tree when lightning struck it.
The old timers use to say that if you have a lot of lightning on a place there was a pot of gold buried there somewhere.
I know it's there somewhere I just haven't found it lol.