Mucus plug this morning

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Susie David

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May 9, 2005
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Eastern Washington
At morning feeding I noticed that O'l Boss Cow had her mucus plug swining in the breeze so considering the cold nights and all the frozen mud in the mornings, she was moved to the OB stall in the barn. She has been slowly been bagging up but not as full as she usually is at calving. Not happy about the move but a bucket of COB is a good incentive.
Normally wouldn't worry about her but this year she is a few weeks early, not like her to be early. Last year she cooked one for 300 days and slid out a 110# bull calf before I knew she was calving.
This is most likely her last, seeing that she is seventeen but is in good condition and is a good mother with plenty of milk.
And thats whats happening around here today.....Dave Mc
Just had to ramble usual cronies are doing other things today.

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