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Jan 31, 2004
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South La
I want to thank Macon for telling us about the Mozilla browser.
I downloaded it and I think it is about as good as it gets.
Almost as good as Homemade Bread or Ice Cream.
I was having trouble with Popups on Internet Explorer and Earthlink like mad, and the Mozilla Program wiped them out.
It is about as fast as greased lightening.
If you havn't tried it , I think it's well worth your time to look into it.
If I can use it, anyone can.

Thanks Macon
Monday July 5th, 2004
MSN Slate Magazine: "Firefox trumps Internet Explorer"
Several readers wrote in to tell us that the MSN Slate Magazine ran an article recommending Mozilla Firefox over Internet Explorer last week. Author Paul Boutin mainly prefers Firefox for security reasons, with the browser's lack of support for ActiveX eliminating many virus and spyware concerns. While Slate is owned by Microsoft, it should be noted that the publication has always maintained that it is editorially independent and that Boutin is a freelance journalist.
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