Moving Shorthorn cows pics 24/12/08

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Feb 14, 2006
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Hole in the ground in Saskatchewan
Today it finally warmed up a bit, -17C, so we moved some cows closer to home, we moved them about 5 miles. Dad drove the truck and trailer, one son in his truck and the other son on his snowmobile, while I was on a horse.








Got some hard workin' dawgs there. That you in the last pic? Looks about like how I was dressed when moving cows a few weeks ago. I stay pretty warm up on top the horse and just hope I don't have to get off because it's hard getting back on with so many layers. :lol2: What's -15'C translate to in Farenheit (sp?)?
When it's been 20- 30 below for a while zero feels darn nice. A guy could even work up a sweat.
Nice set of pics and good sturdy cold weather cattle.

Only someone who has experienced sub-zero F. weather can relate to ALL of the sensations one feels at that temperature! When one inhales strongly through the nose - and the hairs in the nose crack and break from the cold (at -2 F. with no wind chill factor) - does one realize that they must carefully watch their fingers and toes! When the eyelids freeze together, :cry2: and the lungs feel as if there is a red-hot poker in the middle of the chest :roll: - THEN it is time to get somewhere warmer - but not TOO warm!--and when you cough up flecks of blood :dunce: - THEN you need to look for a nice, fresh, warm cow pie to stick your hands into, and get the heck back to the barn! :nod: :wave: Battery heated gloves and socks are worth all the effort and inconvenience they may cause one when it is necessary to be in that kind of cold for a long time. If your feet are numb - - you are NUMB :? :dunce: ALL over, and your thinking responses and reflexes slow down - sometimes dangerously so! Thinking ahead and preparation for this type of working is absolutely imperative.

Coyote, how many head of cattle were you handling, and how many dogs do you allocate for a certain number of head of cattle? Did you train the dogs to work together? Do you ever have booties for the dogs? I know that they do use the boots for the Alaskan Ididerod (sp?) Dog Races.

Any additional information regarding the dog/cow Ratio from anyone would be appreciated.

Anything below 72 I grab a jacket. I'm perfectly content when it's a 100. Me and my Brahmans are made for each other. :nod:
Looks like those Shorthorn could care less how cold it gets.
We have no formula when we go to chasing cows , number of dogs to # of cows, we just have 3 Australian Shepherds and they all were pretty eager to jump in the truck to go to work that day.
The dogs are trained a bit, but mostly it is instinct and learning from the older dogs.
We have never put booties on the dogs, I think that day the dogs wouldn't of minded that at all.

Have a good New Years everyone.

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