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Dec 27, 2003
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Some of the people who responded to my post about identifying the breed of a cow commented on the mountains in the background. So, since I went camping this last weekend, I thought I'd post a decent picture we took of the canyon.

There are, and some nice ones indeed. I've not hunted elk, but have seen some great ones. Of course, I've heard the population is decreasing. Not sure if there is any truth to that.
Looks like my area! I've seen a few head of elk as I was going to cut wood last week....a couple cows but didn't see the bull anywhere! I know he is nearby. Oh yes I did see a nice herd of elk from the distance about 10 head or so....
There is a LOT of bucks hanging around my area.... usually every morning a buck or two will pass my house. My grandparents sees at least one buck per day pass their house (some VERY nice bucks has come pass their place! Got pics of them but I don't have them.....). I was disappointed to see how FEW deer are in the mountains.... Last week only saw an old doe, another doe and her almost fully grown fawn.... Theres has been a HUGE problem with mountain lions therefore I believe the deer population is are the elk population so the rumors are true....
GP, I'm not meaning to start a fight, but you'll piss some big time hunter off if your refering to a Bull elk as a buck. Just forwarning.
Now that's a pretty view. Always had a soft spot for mountains. Guess that's what happens when you grow up with them on your doorstep. Would sure hate to have to pull cattle out of those hillsides though...they look too much like ours!

Take care.
This September is going to go in the records as the 2nd driest September on record. August was the 3rd wettest Augusst on record.
Our color this year will stink, rain at the wrong time. The sumac had just started before it dried out, the sassafras is changin now and the color just isn't there. The persimmons, walnuts, catalpas and hackberry just are turning brown. Disapointing, but that's ma nature


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