Motorola Minitor IV Fire Fighter pager

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Jan 20, 2008
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Is anyone on here a Volunteer Fire Fighter and have a Motorola Minitor IV pager? I cannot figure out how to put mine on vibrate. I get tired of sitting in class or Church and my pager go off and disrupt everyone. Any advice will be appreciated.
They come in numerous configurations, and many don't have a vibrate option. The modes that each setting has will be on the back of the unit, probably as a number code. Post those.
i see 3 codes on the little sticker and here they are:

I dont know which one you wanted but there they are and thats the order they are in
i can't believe anyone from mississippi would have to ask for technical info like that... couldn't you say you know a guy from Texas or Arkansaw that has a pager and needs to know how to put it on vibrate....
Beef08":1z5ek46w said:
i see 3 codes on the little sticker and here they are:

I dont know which one you wanted but there they are and thats the order they are in

With only one frequency, it probably does have a vibe mode. The switch has 4 positions. If you have an evening pager test, try a different one every day. You probably just have two active settings, 1 and 2, with 2 being vibe, but no way to tell without knowing how it was ordered.
I have tried it on every channel during the daily pager test and not a one vibrates. They all make noise. And Xbred I wouldn't be asking if it was so simple haha I have asked like 5 different people today and everyone just says turn to channel whatever, but I do and there is no freaking vibrate! Its very aggrivating
Dang if you were closer I would send you to my guy, he could get it set up to work with a vibrate setting.
I have the Minitor III and a V, both are set up the same.
Did the fire department set you up with it?
I would get in contact with the place they got it from. I bet it wasn't set up right.
Mine has 4 channels
#1 Repeater
#2 Repeater (Vibrate)
#3 Direct
#4 Scan
Normally keep it on scan and I hear all the pages for the county and get to listen to the road crew.

Warning about the vibrate setting, if your not ready for it it will scare you. :D Got one of my guys and he almost fell off of his tractor; was a pager test. :lol2:
haha must be some vibration :D . I was hoping it would be a noticable vibration. Since I was new on the department they gave me this one and i didn't complain or ask questions. It seems new and I have no clue where they got it. But mine is somthing like this:
Channel A is repeater for all the county
Channel B is repeater just for my district
Channel C and D just seem to scan the whole county.
If you have it on a table and it goes off on the vibrate mode it goes slidding across the table. :lol2:

Ask them and find out if the other pagers have the vibrate setting, if they do then something is wrong with yours and maybe you can get a different one. Maybe they can do an exchange with their supplier.
Dose anyone remember when the vibrate thing first came out it was so close to 60 cycles a second. I was replacing a few outlets right after I got a pager. I had doubled checked to see if the power was off and all was good. I pickup something and the thing went off. I thought it was a shock because of the way the cycles were. I dropped everything and just sat there. It happened again a few seconds latter before I know what had happened.
the first cell phone i had with the vibrate scared me to death I had it in my pocket with a can off copenhagen and the phone and the metal lid were together and I was running a trackhoe the first time it went off scared the $hit out of me thought I dug into something

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