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Apr 29, 2006
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This is German Hay Millet. I cut Tues 11th. Had 2 good drying days then rain, rained 2 plus inches over the weekend. Cut 15 acres of about 100.
Been a few years since rained on hay has been a concern up here. :roll:
Heavy rains forecasted for Wed and Thurs.
We finally got a crop and no way to get it harvested.
Oh Well :lol2: It will make good plow down. :banana:


BC":16vo8dpf said:
That is where putting up baleage comes in handy.

I agree. Around here, making hay with millet is about like playing russian roullette with 3 bullets. I always have the baleage equipment on standby. Baleage is some fine feed. Stinking, wet, heavy, messy but it is fine.
I wish I had the equipment for baleage. Been so dry up here last few summers hasn't been a problem, course we haven't had much of a crop either. So Y'all know cut er one day and bale the next.

Anyway we had a great drying day yesterday, rolled it over and baled. Finished up today. Got about 2 1/2 -3 tons per acre. With an 80 % percent rain during the night and today I lucked out. The rain clouds are looming, let er rain. :D :cowboy: