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Jan 19, 2004
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Northeast Montana
Good old Montana weather is holding true to form- A week ago it was in the 80's and today it is snowing. The old saying about this country is "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change".

Last night the wind howled-thunder and lightning,rain- that turned to soft hail and sleet and then snow- now today its snow- temp is 32. Some schools didn't run buses today- 5-6 inches of snow in the area of my pastures at the north place- predicting 4-6 more inches tonight. I hope the cows and calves find a deep coulee and the couple I have left to calve hold off.

But it is good moisture- Had .90 of an inch before it turned to snow- we needed it.
if it was my luck those final cows would all drop right in the middle of the storm and we'd lose one or two of them.
hang in there Oldtimer, when that snow melts you will get water in your stock tanks, and when the weather warms up, it shuld get your grass growing. maybe you will have a productive year this year
Well we had warm weather in March and April now it is 34 degrees andthe alfafla is short. We have had about a half inch of rain . Thank God but we need some heat now to get it growing. My garden froze hard last night, lost the broccoli... and the peas.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend and stay warm.
well we had somewhat cool weather until about early march. since then its been a gradual increase in heat to now where were at 95 with 100% humidity. its hell down here during the day. gonna get hotter too. i could take a few days with below 50 degree weather. not even a whole lot of them in the winter...
Update-- Northeast Montana is looking beautiful- we've had rain while a lot of the state is still in a drought- North ranch has received over 5" of rain in the month of May, not counting the several inches of wet snow we got in the May snowstorm- and we normally average just a little over 10" of rainfall for the total year.

Been hard to get work done- behind on fencing, branding, working colts-everything-- but the grass is really growing and if it warms up a little the alfalfa will jump. Waiting for the skeeters to start hatching- they will be big enough this year that it will take #2 shot to bring them down.

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