Moldy Hay

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Does anyone know the effects of breathing moldy hay dust on a persons health? I have been messing around with moldy hay for the last couple weeks and lately haven`t been feeling the best. My chest feels tight, coughing up alot of phelm and feels like it`s hard to breathe at nite. Could the moldy hay be causing this? I`ve been told breathing in mold spores isn`t good for you but haven`t been able to find any information about it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! JC
Yep, moldy hay will do it. It just depends on the person and what exactly you're allergic to. For me its wheat straw and clover to name a few. If you have to handle this stuff anymore invest in a good dust mask, its well worth it.
Hi JC,
Inhalation of particulate matter from moldy hay can cause something called allergic alveolitis (Farmers Lung). Often this presents with flu-like symptoms. (shortness of breath, fever/chills, tight feeling in chest, productive cough etc.) This is usually treated with steriods and avoidancce measures so dd's advice is sound - invest in a good dust mask. Check in with your doc as this can sometimes progress to pulmonary fibrosis and you sure as heck don't want to go down that road. Hope this helps.