Model with a! Should be on my avatar!

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Wrong gender for the model... and those underwear up the butt have got to be driving that girl crazy. Talk about the mother of all wedgies!
annie, most teenage girls wear thongs these days. im guessing they dont bother them, since they wear them every day, but who knows, most teenagers will do almost anything for sex appeal.
greenpastures, I made you an avatar of the model with the cow, send me a pm with your email address and I will send it to you.

Nice!!!!! NICE!!!!!! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Put that Pair in the Show Ring and They Would Turn Some Heads.
Hey! This gal stole one of my cows! Now she's taking my supper for a walk! :D Just trying to figure out how she got 'em halter trained so fast....must have sweet talked 'em! ;-)
I must have missed something! Was there a cow in those pictures????

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