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Apr 21, 2006
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Varner caught cattle rustling

Morrison County Record

Joey J. Varner, 52 of Pierz, was arrested Tuesday, June 23, at the Fergus Falls Livestock Auction as part of an investigation into the theft of 188 cattle in South Dakota.

Varner, who owns 15 cattle sales barns in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, including one in Pierz, posted $100,000 bond and will have a July 14 court date in Codington County, S.D.

According to a Todd County Sheriff's Office press release, Varner has been the subject of an investigation by the South Dakota State Brand Board since Tuesday, March 3, 2009.

On that date, it is alleged that Varner committed grand theft, a class three felony in South Dakota, when he stole 188 head of 800-pound heifer cattle reported missing from the Watertown Livestock Auction in Watertown, S.D.

Varner has maintained his innocence, telling authorities that he was in Fergus Falls, as he always is on Tuesdays, when the cattle allegedly went missing.

"How could I steal the cattle if I wasn't even there?" Varner said.

The cattle were under control of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, pending a March 3 sale at the auction.

Varner owns cattle sales barns in Long Prairie, Motley, Fergus Falls, Pierz, Bagley and Winger, Minn.
I have sold and bought cattle through his barns.
So much for "Minnesota Nice" :help:
Who would have thought huh? I wonder how many other people he's screwed over in the past and never got caught. Just because he's charged doesn't mean he's guilty right? :roll:
Rodeo clown was caught stealing cattle- saw that in the news yesterday..
Wonder what'll happen to him if he shows up at a rodeo!?
We had the same thing somewhat go around here except it was a longtime trusted employ. Over about 10-15 years he managed to steal a few thousand head, what is baffling is how he hid it in the books so the owners seller and buyers never knew they were being ripped off. He would hit all the really big sellers and buyers who I guess didn't know they were missing a couple head at a time.

Angie sometimes it is good to be a small timer.. :)

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