Mirafount waterer and horses

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Apr 28, 2004
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southeastern Indiana
Hi all

I posted this on the horse board too - just thought I'd see if anyone here had any input.

Does anyone have any experience with using a Mirafount ball type waterer in a horse pasture? We recently installed a double so that it spans 2 pastures (one for cattle, one for horses). We have only one horse at the moment and she doesn't seem to have figured out how to use it. The cattle got the hang of it quickly, but the horse..... We are now leading her over and "helping" her move the ball. She's not typically a slow learner, so I'm wondering if it's some sort of tactile, nose sensitivity isssue with horses. Any thoughts?

There's a fiberglass rod that you can use to hold the ball down so the horse can find the water the first time, but do it on a day when the temp is above freezing. After that, if the horse is too dumb to figure it out I'd shoot it. But with my great affection for horses I'd probably just skip step 1.
Our horses figured out this waterer very quickly-as fast as the cattle did!!
She will figure it out. You have shown her where the water is and how to get it. If she gets thirsty she know where to get the water. Right?
Grand kids horse figured it out but likes to beg for a bucket of warm water.... I have never seen the goats use the auto waterer.
The few horses up where I work have these waterers. Just 'show' her a couple of more times, when she gets thirsty enough, she'll use it.

Update: Our cold snap has eased up a bit, so we lowered the water level in the tank. She seems to have gotten the hang of it now.

My thanks to all who replied!


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