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Can someone tell me the difference between a 1:1 and a 2:1 mineral mixture? I have quite a variety of cattle (simmental cows, calves, heifers, and a steer as well as several dairy steers and a charolais/angus bull), what would be best for them? Does the variety of mineral vary by tiem of year? I am currently feeding 2:1 mineral - free choice. They are on low quality pasture with good quality alfalfa hay available to them at all times. I am located in central Wisconsin.



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A 1:1 ratio vs a 2:1 ratio refers to the Calcium:phosphorus ratio. Generally, a 2:1 ratio is good for a grass or moderate grain diet (cattle generally need a 1.4:1 ratio overall) On alfalfa, which is a high calcium forage, a 1:1 diet is likely more effective. I'd consult a nutritionist to get the best mix for your cattle, which may require a forage analysis.

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