Miles City Line 1

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Mar 3, 2005
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We are planning a trip west through Montana later this year. Does the Line 1 facility do tours?
The Miles City USDA research station or the Fort Keogh research station as it is officially called generally has an annual field day in conjunction with the Montana Stock Growers Association. I would call the station to find out when this field day is since it would be a good way to be introduced to all the activities of the station not just the L1 herd. I would call Dr. Mark Petersen to see if you can get a personal tour of the beef cattle research facilities: ... -research/. Keep in mind the L1 herd is just a very small part of he research being done at this site. Range management, soil science and physiological research actually bring in more research dollars than beef cattle breeding. The biggest research project going on the L1 cattle now is into inbreeding depression as the L1 cattle have plenty of inbreeding depression.

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