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Apr 5, 2009
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Northern IL.
I posted in another thread about every now and then I will pull a "boner". Well here is this weeks "boner". I bought Spud from a local sale barn with both eyes matted, a runny nose and scouring. He weighted 45 lbs. The first bid was .10 a lbs. Well guess who was stupid enough to bid. Yep me. Decided to call him Spud since hes such a ugly little fella. Here he is at almost 2 weeks old. eyes cleared up, no more runny nose and not scouring. I consider him a personal challenge. He is confined until hes 100% and gets all his doctoring done. Banded, wormered and weened, and so on. I wish i would have takein a picture of what he looked like when i brought him home. looked really bad.

Meet Spud, 2010 ugliest cow of the year prospect? (laughin)

My wife has currenly grounded me from the sale barn until further notice. :lol2:
Way to go Beckett....we all need a "project calf" now and then to remind us of some of the things we take for granted. Keep up the good work. Sput may just grow out of the "uglist calf" category very quickly. :clap:
Being a brand inspector and spending 2-3 days a week in auction markets, I am always tempted to buy and rescue something very similar to Spud. I have resisted thus far, because I know if I started, the whole ranch would be full of Spuds. :D
Hes not a bad project calf. I hope he pulls through. I just saved one here recently and it makes ya feel successful instead of like a failure when ya loose one.
Spud is a very lucky calf for you to have taken him in and do the right thing by him, hats off to ya. :tiphat:
you have definitely defied the odds.

dont base a business plan around this success.

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