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Apr 26, 2005
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Stratton, ON, Canada
Went to see the doctor yesterday for a general checkup and have lab work done to check cholesterol levels, etc. Asked for a prescription for amoxillan antibiotic for tonsil swelling. Figured she would just give me one round with no refill option. But she said because I am farming, exposed to lots of hazards and do not have time to be running to a doctor for every bacterial infection, that I should have a ready supply of amoxillan clavulanate (penicillin) on hand. So I have a bottle with 4 refills available. Just thought it would be a handy thing to ask for the next time you see a doctor. Two things it will combat is strep throat and bronchitis, which I have had a number of times over the years - antibiotics sure would have helped then.
I have asked and he won't. Says he doesn't want me playing doctor. I have an appt with a different doc come April. We'll see how this one works out.

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