Mean, bellering bull

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Dec 13, 2008
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Lillooet, BC, Canada
OK, maybe not the mean part.. I led Marko up to the girls today, he started slow, had to turn around to go harass the big bull, then grazed his way slowly for a while.. when that novelty wore off, he remembered the treat at the end of this road last year
skeeter swatter":1ox52hae said:
Next year post again, only while riding barefoot and shooting a gun.
He seems gentle enough and knows the way!
Very entertaining. But it's not quite as entertaining as how the Amish haul their cull bulls to the stockyards around here.
Next year he'll be at my friends place, and I'll get Hector back.

My friend stopped in today, and Marko went to him to beg for scratches.. the two seem to get along just fine :)

I've got a bit of a logistics problem hauling the bulls though.. Trent's handling facilities are less than ideal, so I've kinda got the riddle like the goat, cabbage and wolf and the river to cross... I think I can load both my bulls here alright (Getting rid of the Limo in a couple months), drop him off at the sale barn, then continue on to Trent's.. and then the problems start.. Where do I put Marko so Hector doesn't get all pizzy about it.. I'm figuring if he can get Hector locked up in the barn with some company, and I drop Marko off in a far field, it might work out
wbvs58":2f04wia5 said:
The're not the brightest light on the Xmas tree but they got one heck of a memory especially when it relates to sex.


They are smarter than some give them credit for. Sex and feed are two things they remember well. The lady I help babies her cattle big time. We weaned some calves around 2 months ago. We kept the calves in a pen at the house for ten days and she fed them. Then let them out in a pasture close by. One found a hole about two weeks ago. The first she knew he was out was when he came she heard him balling and he was outside the front door. He then followed her to the pen and walked right through the gate and she fed him. Our guess is he had watched her come out the door to feed them twice a day. Having docile cattle has advantages.
wbvs58":ssp0oejz said:
The're not the brightest light on the Xmas tree but they got one heck of a memory especially when it relates to sex.

My bulls will load themselves when you open the trailer door, they know what's waiting at the end of the ride. :D
He's saying "Helloooooo, Ladies!". Last year I was moving our bulls across the road the same time some Geologists from Wichita were in the area and had pulled over and got out of their car to talk to my husband. Both bulls stopped in the middle of the road to sniff and bellow - they knew where they were going :). But they scared the snot out of the Geologists, who both immediately jumped back in the car. Probably rude, but I had to laugh. A lot!
dieselbeef":bipgpx01 said:
look at that grass! man id give anything for some of that right now! nice bull too. not gonna do that with mine
it's a SLOW year.. Night time isn't that far from freezing.. Last year we were well into the 90F range at this time.. Forecast for the next 6 weeks shows more of the same.. cool, rain every couple days, thunderstorms... not going to be easy haying

wbvs58":bipgpx01 said:
The're not the brightest light on the Xmas tree but they got one heck of a memory especially when it relates to sex.
hahaha, yep!
:lol2: :lol2:

Is he always that talkative?? That was a fun video, well worth watching it! :)

It is such beautiful scenery/views, where you live.

Thanks for posting.
We had one bull that never made a sound. Except when he left the cows to come up for water. Then He let out a beller every dam step all the way up and all the way back. Then he would shut up again.