Maybe ammo prices aren't that bad

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Not great but a bargain compared to what it was bringing a few months ago. $50 a box wasn't uncommon. Pre-Rona prices were ~25 cents per round for standard brass, FMJ plinking ammo. By that standard it's high, but if you need it, you need it. If you don't, I'd let things settle a little bit more.

Ammoseek is just a search engine. I haven't found any retailers on there that seem sketchy.

Just doing a google search for "random caliber in stock" is much more dangerous, there's a lot of fraudulent sites out there. If the prices seem too good, or they will only accept something like Paypal, run.
Lots of online ammo companies holding stock they've been paid for. They'll hold as long as they can hoping prices go up.
At which time they usually will refund you. After holding your money for considerable amount of time and selling your ammo at a higher price.
Ammo seek is not just a search engine. Regardless of what they call themselves. They charge a fee to sellers. They are a middle man. I would urge anyone using them to do their research. But again.... no skin off my nose.
When my Dad was a kid he would ride the milk truck to town and the freight train back home because 22 shells in town were 13 cents a box. At the local store they were 15 cents.
I'm 77yo and I have never seen.22s less than a penny each. That's for a box of 50.

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