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Oct 21, 2004
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Sale in May that I will be attending.
02 Spring in the East Simmental Sale Calhoun, GA
09 Macedon Farms Angus Sale Madison, AL
16 Southeast Angus Classic Sale Opelika, AL
30 Sweet Home Alabama Beefmaster Sale Cullman, AL

Look forward to seeing you at these sales.
The Southeast Angus Classic Sale is this Saturday in Opelika, AL. Offering a great set of Angus cattle,hope to see you at the sale.

I would like to make a very positive comment about Luke and his attendance at the Macedon Sale. My son Wheeler (4 years old) loves going to the sales. He has been going since he was 4 weeks old! In attending a multitude of Registered sales, he has had the opportunity to see Luke at the sales assisting taking bids. He thanks Luke is "the MAN".
Well, this past Saturday, my wife introduced Luke to Wheeler. Luke took time out of his sales duties, etc and spent a few minutes talking with my son and also had someone take a picture of him and Wheeler together next to the sale ring. My son talked about this all the way home. He had one great experience. I would like to publicly thank Luke for taking this time with my son. Thank you very much. :clap: It is nice to see people that are as friendly as you in this business and in this world. You are a number one person to me and my family.

Mickey Allen
Sweetgum Farms
Lexington, Alabama
Wheeler got the picture on on Friday. He was very excited. The picture is now the focal point of our living room. Every visitor we have had has been shown the picture.

Again, thanks Luke. You did a lot to make this little guy's day(s) with such a small gesture. You are A+ to our family and to Wheeler.

Mickey :clap:
I am surprised that you will be missing the Dixieland Delight sale on the 23rd at TRM in Fort Payne, AL.
The Southeast Angus Classic sale grossed $144,200 on 61 lots to average $2,365.

The Sweet Home Alabama Beefmaster sale grossed $118,850 on 50 lots to average $2,014.



I have been looking at your sale "reports" for some time now and I find it puzzeling (for lack of a better word and there probably is one ...) that you never mention anything about Hereford sales in your area of travel. Admirably, you seem to go to great length to provide information and notices about sales of many other breeds of beef cattle.

There are a good number of Hereford sales throughout the year in the Southeast and news about the sales and related information would be most beneficial for those of us who are regular and dedicated users of CattleToday.

So Luke, perhaps you would willing to enlighten as to why is there not any Hereford sale news from you at CattleToday ???

Maple Edge Hereford Farm
Bloomfield, Connecticut
Good question! I don't have anything against Hereford cattle and I would love to go to more Hereford sales. Their will always be a need for good quality Hereford cattle. So please don't think that I dislike Hereford cattle. Like any sales for any breed of cattle we require a minimum amount of advertising before we can attend the sale. I try to report on Sale that I or CATTLE TODAY will be attending. We have a hand full of Hereford breeders in the Southeast that does a good job of advertising in CATTLE TODAY. Without them you don't see much Hereford advertisement.
This is not a complete list of Hereford breeders in the Southeast that advertise with CATTLE TODAY. However a few links to Hereford sales in the Southeast in 2009.
I hope this answers your question. If you have any other questions please email me [email protected]

Thank You!

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