May '24 Photo Contest, dents & damage I can't believe a cow did

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I'll have to do some digging.. doors on our chevy truck are caved in from the bull rubbing on it.. buddy has a similar truck and the peeled the box sides right up on it... Can I submit a video?
It almost guaranteed that when you put up a brand new gate that a cow or bull is going to bend it all up. I'm not sure I have anything that would be all that interesting. I will have to look around and see there is anything that would be unique.
Once the ranch across the road, the family patriarch Ted decided to add exotics to his cow herd. He got Fallow deer and they did well, escaped and populated the countyside with brown, black, white and spotted deer.
download (3).jpg
Ted also added some big antelope, either Eland or Nilgai. That did not work out. One time the road crew asked if they could park their trucks on his land. He said yes. Well, some road crew were walking to their trucks when the eland bull attacked. They made it to their trucks but the bull charged, put to 2 horn holes in the door and punctured a tire. Ted got rid of them.
I had a power line company to land a helicopter in pasture to refuel.Ask me if they could leave there while they went to eat!
I told them I was not sure what shape it would be in when they got back.They decided not to leave it .
The worst I've had was the cows getting into the shop and breaking my wife's heirloom kitchen table. Repairable fortunately. But the wife was not happy for a minute or two...
Sorry, I've been so busy haven't been here much... I'm scratching my head for a topic.. How about Milkfaced calves? Or Local Wildlife?

Not posting a poll this month because @Nesikep is the only one that submitted an entry. And it's a dandy!!!! Nesi gets to pick the subject for the June '24 Photo Contest. Congrats, as always, on capturing the moment at just the right time!View attachment 44238

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