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Generally you use a infusion directly into the affected teat with a masitits treatment. I would suggest you might want to have a vet culture it to determine what is the best medication to use.


> How do you treat mastitis? Our cow
> has 1 that is swelled and hard. We
> took the calf off of her 1 month
> ago and now just found this.
You can treat with hot packs and use of intra-mamary infusions, follow lable instructions for dry cow treatment.

You want to milk out as much of the funk as you can, use the hot packs to stimulate blood flow to the area, as well as soften the hard yuck that is in the mammary duct, hopefully it is just hard cheezy goo, and not scar tissue, once you have reached the point scar tissue you have lost the quarter, but many cows can get by with just 3 teats, and sometimes 2, but that is not the ideal situation. You can get the intramammamary infusion from your vet or the local feed stor/ co-op etc.

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