martha stewart convicted

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Dec 27, 2003
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ne texas
i guess all of martha stewarts milliions and her attitude didn't help her out to much today. all of her celebrity friends like oprah winphrey can sit around and cry about her now
I wish I had some inside info when it comes time to sell my calves! I think she's guilty as charged, period.
I can't believe she would break the law for 51K. She's a gazillionair and now she's paying the fiddler over money she could wipe her a-- with. Greed gets the best of them.
Guess Martha Stewart got what her greedy a-- deserved! Her ploy to "appeal the court's decision" was probably a "face saving" thing for her and nothing more. Think evidence against her was pretty solid, according to the news reports.

Do they have plastic surgeons at Attica, Levenworth, or other Big Houses? Her news photos looked pretty

As they say, "What goes around, comes around!"
It looks like I am the only one that likes her. :(
But I sure don't like her Mad Cow friend that was being
interviewed last night; ex pres. hillary; the :evil:
well put Campground, I don't dislike her, heck I'm sure I have some Martha stuff around the house, but I don't like when you think you can do anything you wat cuz ya have a little money!
Her biggest mistake was in lying to the feds on seceral occasions about what she found out and then did. I think if she had 'fessed up to a little insider trading she would received a fine, profit pay back and not much more than a slap on the wrist. But when the feds catch you in a lie several times it really puts a burr under their saddle. And of course being a high profile person didn't help! Just MHO. Arnold Ziffle
Yeah, I agree. She should have admitted from the start that she had information that the gov. was going to release a damaging report on the ImClome drug and that Sam Waskal was selling a bunch of his and his families stock, so she decided that it was time for her to get out also. That might;technically
be considered inside trading and she may have been fined or ordered to
refund the difference of what she sold out for and the closing price of the day that ImClome puked. One thing about it is that you don't lie to the feds.
I felt like she was lying from the start. A person would have to be a damn fool to hold stock in a company that they had knowledge that it had about 100% chance of puking the next day. Just don't lie to the feds about it.
I would have sold out also with that kind of info.
Anyway, she has some good recipes and an interesting and educational cooking program. That is what I liked about her.
She was a successful business woman who made millions on what she put together from her knowledge and expertise.
Well, a few days in the Xbar hotel probaly won't hurt her, and she may see how some of the not fortunate as the rest of us live.


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