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In 2o or 30 years from now, will we colonize Mars?

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  • Yes, but will take longer than 30 years.

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Apr 21, 2004
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Stepping away from politics and cattle for awhile. I am a big Sci-Fi fan so I thought it would be fun to poll this unique crowd and see how the results goes. People laugh at the idea of colonize Mars. Then again, people laughed at Christopher Columbus at the idea the world wasn't flat. People laughed at Galileo when he told the Church that the earth revolves around the sun (not vise versa...he nearly got hang for it!), people laughed at automobile, people laughed at airplanes, people laughed at computers....but now we do not laugh at these things but use them in our daily lives.. I think people laugh at things that sounds out-of this world (seems sci-fi to them) but realized these things has become essetial to our lives..... I know new ideas is hard to swallow but over time new ideas becomes commonplace and widely accepted.

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