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Hi All, We own a horse farm and run a few steers for our own meat (angus). I am ever on the quest for as close as I can get to prime beef. I would love any advice on feeding etc on how to achieve this. I am always a little dissapointed with the steaks we get. We have tried, beer, corn, alfalfa, no forage etc. Help! :)

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> If youve followed this board for a while you might have seen beef qual talked about. Genetics! It takes more than the word angus to make a good piece of meat. do your feeders gain fast and put on finish (marbling) or do they just keep getting taller. Are they calm and concentrate on getting fat or are they fence busters, always got their head in the air-looking for something to spook at, Killing one that is trying to walk on the ceiling is sure to have a bunch of adrenalin in the blood stream,Does your butcher have fridge space to age the carcass , I don't have one done during deer season because mine doesn't have a lot of space to spare. Back to genetics, Proffessor @ Texas told me he thought there were probably a dozen or more genetic traits that influenced meat tenderness. Good luck!

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