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Sep 25, 2007
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So my folks have a old hammer mill that hasn't been used in yyyeeeeaaaarrssss. yes thats years as in a very long time. We're thinking about planting corn and making our own feed. Any ideas? What would you mix with it? Grind up stalks and ears? We have an idea of what were going to do, just curious what everybody else thinks. Let the discussion begin. One question, ok make it two, we do have is:
1. Is it profitable after diesel, our own labor, etc...
2. Feeding about 35 head, how much to plant.
Good plan. Be careful though. Hammer mills are a dangerous thing. Corn stalks are too much, in my view, for them. If you overload the mill and one of the hammers breaks off, it may be the last thing you, or anybody within 100 feet, do. Even simple 2nd crop alfalfa can put a burden on them.

Having said that. We mixed 30% Oats, 10% Barley, 20% Corn and 40% 2nd crop alfalfa (square bale wafers) together, through our hammer mill one year. Really makes a nice mix. Although, in hindsight, I would only have put the corn through a roller mill next time. as it gets too powdery through a hammer mill. :cowboy:
Profit depends on what you pay for grain who you feed it to. The standard approach here used to be picking wet ear corn and then grinding it on the farm to avoid drying and trucking charges.
I have tried to sell it as shovel aerobics :idea: , but It is a dirty job and most people are not willing to work that hard now days.
We have a 355 New Holland. I finished some 4H steers and a couple of bulls using corn fodder (big bales). The mill handled it well except for the unloading part. You really have to watch the fluffyness of the mix. It tends to bridge over rather quickly. We added a liquid dust reducer and that really helped! 15 lbs per ton. The 4H steers did well on it 3.75 and 3.9 lbs/day gain. It really made a nice feed that had lots of stringy fibers to give that good scratch to the rumen.
Ground ear corn is good feed. The hammer mills I'm used to are small and slow. Yours has more capacity I assume? I don't know what your corn yield would be. It would probably take 6-7 pounds to make a pound gain. The alfalfa mixed would be a good plan. With a protein lick tub to supply mineral, vitamins and additional protein. Trace mineral salt and your calve should gain nicely.

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