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Jun 6, 2004
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East Tenn
After my first season of putting up hay, I have ended up with about 800 more square bales than I need. I have run ads in the local paper trying to sell it, with absolutely no response. Does anyone have any great marketing plans they will share with me? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am in southeastern Tennessee.

Thanks, Sparky
i'm guessing you have those bales put up?

demand (& price) frequently goes up in the winter. you may just want to hang on to them for a couple of months.
The MO Extension service has a hay for sale website and flyer. Maybe TN has the same

Whoa Up for a minute!

I am glad you have excess hay. I hope you have those bales stored somewhere nice and dry.

Hopefully you are not in dire need of the money that hay might bring you, and that you are not crowded out for space.

You might very well consider holding onto those extra bales. Next years crop might not be as good as the one you just had.

Year old hay - of decent quality and good storage may not be as good as new hay - but it runs real close.

Having spent as much as - and I still have the invoice to prove it - $107.50 for 5 x 6 round bales of feed oats - I am now very cautious about getting rid of hay.

Weather and crops have a habit of turning from good to bad at times. Ask some of the folks here about it - many will have memories of attempting to stretch a bale - and many will have fed out straw to keep their animals bellies full.

Just something to think about.

Best regards

I agree with Bez. I would keep some of it if I could. I always try to keep as much as I can store even if I don't think I'll need it. You never know when mother nature will decide that you need it.
I absolutely agree with everyone who says store it for a rainy day --or, as in eastern Australia, a nonrainy day. We are in the middle of a 3 year, widespread drought and the prices we are paying for feed is unbelievable. Horse lucerne small bales have gone from Au$4 to more than Au$20, round bales of pasture grass from Au$30 to Au$ 100

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