Major Ringworm Question

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
I have one pastured steer out of 150 who has ringworm covering almost all of his head and part of his neck. I plan to pull him and treat... Any ideas on why he would have it so bad, and is there any better ring worm fungus treatment than spraying it with iodine?
If you do a search on here for ring worm you will most likely end up with enough reading to fill up the rest of your day.
That stuff is frustrating. Seems to come up out of no where but it is a fungus, not a worm. "They" say it lives in wood and can stay there forever. Seems to be different strains of it sometimes looks "warty" other times just a raised patch then the hair falls out. Best treatment is any anitfungal product you can find.
I know the stuff is extremely contagious and usually an outbreak means treating more then one, especially when it's this bad a case. Iodine does work well, probably 2-3 treatments. Rub it into all areas and around REAL well. I have seen no evidence that iodine harms their eyes. I use my fingers :cowboy: been doing it for years. Best way to assure a thorough job.
should heal itself in time. i have tried lots of treatments, including vitamin a & e. i'm sure coppertox would probably work as it would keep light & air from the fugus. old farmers where i come from told me to use old black motor oil & i found it works better than anything else i tried.
I've noticed quite a bit of it coming thru the sale ring earlier in the year. And I've had some cases in my calves this year plus on a couple cows. First I can remember ever having myself. So as stated it is a fungus. I found a product at a product at Tractor Supply (active ingredient is Benzalkonium Cloride 0.15%) in a 32 oz. squirt bottle (Fung-a-way). I can treat the cows in the pasture, just throw a bag of cubes out and ready, aim, squirt. Calves I had to be a little sneakier or pen.

Oh, it can go away on it's own too, but it might get worse before it does. Only took a couple "treatments" for mine.

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