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I just bought my first steer for FFA.Its a Maine Anjou.All of the other steers at my school are angus and i wanted to know if there are any differences of how to groom mine.I'd also like to know what type of exercise i should be giving him.Any tips on showmanship would be helpful too.Thanks!

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My children showed both steers and heifers and the thing we liked about the Maines was their docile manner abd there were no surprizes. They were patient during grooming and routine care. We walked them a lot but found it enjoyable as they did what we asked. The only problem we had was having to sell the steers after becoming very attached with them. We fed them the same as our Angus crosses and the results were basically the same except the Maines did not put on an outward appearance or weight gain at first but when they started filling out, they really got with it. SBC

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I was in 4.H for 8 years untill I was too old. but we have had great success with maine with a reserve at the county fair. But your grooming and feeding all depend on the sire and how the hair grows. (ex if your in a hot area you might want to put up a cool room and fans) But If the animal has little or no hair than there isnt anyting that should be done diffrent. Feeding sould be done the same as angus but if your animal is going to be bigger than feed more. feel free to ask any questions I'll try to get back to you.

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