Lumps under heifer's neck

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Sep 13, 2004
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SE Central Texas
I am copying this post from the beginners topic in hopes for more input. I would rather get some feedback first before paying a $200 vet bill to tell me it isn't anything to worry about...I hope!.

We bought 4 heifers and a young bull in Nov. 03. They are about 2 now. I recently noticed in one of the heifers that she has big lumps under each side of her thoat between her jaw bone and throat. Like mumps on a person would swell.
I read of several diseases on line, but none fit her symtoms. She does not have any discharges or is off her feed. She acts normal and doesn't seem to be or act sick. She's been this way now a few weeks.
Any ideas?
Does it appear to be two lumps or one you can see from both sides? Years ago I had some cows in a rented pasture that had a little junk pile in the corner. One old fool got a little piece of metal in the top of her brisket that turned into an abcess. We put her in the chute and drained it,gave her a charge of medicine and watched her for a few days. She healed up fine. Good Luck to you.
I can get close enough to see that there are no wounds or big ones anyway. There may be a small place that I can't see, When I feed this everning, I will see what I can see.

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