Lump after blackleg shot?

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Gave a calf a blackleg shot about a week ago. This got a lump bigger than most I have seen, about the size of a small childs fist. Is this anything to worry about? Or what to do? Hate to bother our vet on Sunday as calf acts normal. Thanks.
Why is it that we are always thinking of a vet on a Sunday? Never fails, does it? Murphy's Law, I guess, LOL!
I had this lump explained to me and when the needle goes in, it separates the fibers of the skin and in the healing process, a lump will form, but its not serious and it will dissapate, though slowly.
The odds of a good needle given, I figure are poor at best. Given the tough hide of the cow and having to jab them to get the needle through, then add the cow not standing still for it and if you get a good shot that doesn't raise its ugly head on you, then you are lucky.
I had a horse once that had her shots and all was good until she got silly in the round pen 2 weeks later and tied up on me. She fared through that o.k., but immediately the old needle site swelled up right before my eyes to the size of a grapefruit! Took 3 months to come back down. Vet still hasn't been able to explain that one and I've asked several!
But don't worry about your calf's neck, it will slowly straighten itself out and he'll be no worse for wear.
A friend of mine had this happen in Texas on 120, 200-300 pound calves three weeks ago; about 85 percent of the total animals vaccinated. The cows were also given a booster with no adverse symptoms. The neck injection site was used and the knots were tennis ball or larger. His vet and a very good one said there were two possibilities, contaminated vaccine or dirty needles. Probabilities of knots are reduced when using 2cc compared to 5cc dose.
Option to lance the knot was decided against in lieu of time to see if the situation improved on its on. Fifty to seventy five per cent have improved. Though the neck is the prefered injection site, for replacement heifers I have moved the site to the flab skin just behind and under the top of the fore leg. Knots have been greatly reduced and if one does form it is hidden and on replacements the owner doesn't have that to look at.

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