LOTS of pics from my brothers wedding

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Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. One ? , do y'all not have shoes.
curtis, since it was supposed to be a beach wedding, the invitation said 'shoes optional' and the dress was more semi formal than formal. When it got moved off the beach, well there is a story behind that which I will tell in a minute, but people didnt exactly have much time to put shoes on, so we were mostly barefoot
okay, so this was the wedding where everything went wrong, but in the end everything turned out right.

There had been 5 mths of planning for this beach wedding. We had all travelled up to this swish resort.

Things started going wrong on Friday. It rained. Absolutely bucketed. We had an indoor rehearsal and came up with a plan B in case it rained Saturday. My brother was absolutely convinced it wouldnt rain.

Anyway, Saturday started off with us cooking breakfast at the bridal villa for immediate family, close friends, and anyone who was setting up the beach etc. First thing that went wrong was that the barbecue on the verandah didnt work. So we thought, well we can cook inside, well for some reason there was no frying pan :???: anyway we called reception, they supplied us with frying pans etc and we got breakfast done.

I left the resort at 11am when the guys were starting to put up the white flags, the arch and the marquee up on the beach. I had to pick up some things in town, drinks, nibbles, ices, flowers etc. and get ready.

Anyway, I got back at 2pm (ceremony was at 3pm) and it was AWFUL. The wind had picked right up out on the beach and it was crazy. The sand was painful, the flags were falling over, the marquee had to be taken down before it blew out to sea ... none of this would have mattered so much except that at 2.30pm a huge great rock fell off the cliff next to the beach, and landed right where the bridesmaids would have been standing :shock:

So half an hour before the ceremony, we had to move the venue. So we had people driving around looking for different spots ... in the end we found a nice courtyard with a water fountain.

Then came the next problem. Because it was the courtyard of a licensed restaurant, they wouldnt let us bring the drinks and nibbles there (we wanted to have drinks and nibbles for everyone right after the ceremony). So we had to take them down to the bridal villa.

Next hitch - the father of the groom (my father) disappeared, so a couple minutes into the ceremony I ran out and looked for him - found him happily putting the drinks on ice - :roll: MEN - chucked him in the car and got him there in time for the vows.

So everything went beautifully then, the ceremony, the afternoon tea, then came dinner. The way it was set up the reception was cocktails by the pool at 8pm, people got their own dinner in between, most people went to the restaurant. Well, we got there and the power to the entire resort went out - tree came down on the power lines somewhere. So there was significant limits on what they could cook, we got only lukewarm coffee, no dessert.

Reception time arrives, still no power. Which meant no music - DJ went home - no bridal waltz - no microphone for speeches so only 1/4 of people could hear. Also - a babysitter was hired for the night to take all the little kids to a room and look after them, seeing as the reception was poolside - well, she left at 8pm because she thought she couldnt do anything without power ...

12 noon the next day there was still no power at the resort, and they were looking at the possibility of having to evacuate because the septic system wasnt coping ...

Anyway, in the end my brother married his soulmate, they were made for each other and it was an absolutely beautiful, amazing day and God has truly blessed our families.
The little guys...they are so cute! You take fantastic pics, btw. Thanks for sharing.

curtis":3j7fe4ts said:
Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. One ? , do y'all not have shoes.

SHOES??????? Tall as that girl is that boy is gonna need a bucket to stand on. :nod: :nod: :help:

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