Looking to buy a ATV, side by side

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Feb 21, 2009
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Hello. We are Looking to buy a ATV, side by side. We love our Honda Atv the litter Recon 2wheel drive is the best for irrgation moving cattle etc. And its just as quick and fast as the bigger models. We own 4 250cc Recon's, 2 420 4x4 Ranchers and the big Ricon (which we never use) The rancher have mile gauges one has 2600 miles in a year and our older one has 13000. no problems except tires.
We would like to buy a larger model to handle fence equipment and sprinker equipment.
What does everyone think about the Yamaha, Polaris, or even the New Honda? side by sides?
The Kawasaki Mule is a safe standard - very reliable. I have the Polaris Ranger and it's performed well. I would definitely give the Honda Big Red serious consideration with it's ability to tow 1200 lbs.
The Yamaha Rhino is fun, but it's NOT suited to working around the farm.

Stay away from the Cub Cadet. They have years of serious design flaws to work through.

Probably would go with a Gator or Mule, my own self.
One thing to seriously look at is the seating. The Mule has a bench seat which for us works better then the goofy buckets on the others.
Another thing is the height of the bed. Too high makes it much harder to lift the heavy stuff/awkward stuff in and out
Help a neighbor a couple days a week. He has two Kubota diesels. A little pricey, but I can't get over how well they pull.

I don't know the Honda, but anything Honda is probably good.
Mule and gator use the same Kawasaki V-twin motor, and it is a gem. Change the plugs and fuel filter and change the oil and they run.

My gator is up near 700 hrs with the failure of a CV joint being the biggest problem. Mostly my fault, since I knew the boot was ruptured and I didn't replace the boot.

I have pulled tobacco wagons, hay wagons, loads way in excess of rated capacity. I'm really happy with that piece. I bought it with 36 hrs on Ebay. Stole it, really. Replaced one tire, at $80. It has a name-Legs. It lets me run fence without walking. I would be sol if it quit.

Go with the dealer is always the best advice on machinery.
My 2 cents....

I have an '07 Rhino, it to me is much more comfortable than the bench seats, will haul whatever I would need.

I pulled a 16' trailer the other day loaded to the max with braches and tree debris from the ice storm and it pulled fine. I pulled my father in laws ranger out of the bottoms where he was stuck in the mud.

It handles the trails like a champ, not to wide to run through them like a Ranger or Mule.

With that said, our farm is just a cattle farm. No Irragation equip. etc. So the Rhino while smaller than others, does what I need with 55mph top end and a ton of torque. It go where ever your brave enough to take it.

If I was looking at it from an all work standpoint and bed size etc.......

No doubt it would be the Polaris Ranger HD

It will Outpull and Outrun the Kubota, Gator, and Mule. It has a larger fuel capacity, better stock skid protection. I pd. aftermarket to protect my Rhino.

The new Rangers have a "turf mode" so you can push it and it will not tear up pasture, yard, etc. My Rhino tear the crap out of grass if you turn it sharp.

Also features a Self Leveling Rear end, Adjustable Front end, Tilt Steering, Available Hydraulic System has attatchments like grapple, plow, bucket etc.

* I would avoid the Honda untill it has been around for a couple years to prove itself.

I was dead set on the Ranger HD, and ended up buying a buddies used Rhino. I like it but it's no Polaris.

BTW, my Rhino has a ton of mods on it to get it to run 55mph, Clutch Kit, CDI Box, Exhaust, etc.

Good Luck!!
allenfarms":32njpve3 said:
BTW, my Rhino has a ton of mods on it to get it to run 55mph, Clutch Kit, CDI Box, Exhaust, etc.

Good Luck!!

Thats what my RZR will do stock with 31's on it, but then again with a bed the size of a 5 gallon bucket it won't haul much. All its good for is riding and playing in the mud, but thats fine with me because it doesnt have to do anything else.

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