Looking for Start-up Advice, What to do?

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Since the people associated here are the ones daily involved I want to know what you recommend.
Wanting to put forth the effort to keep farmland we own vital and would like to begin cattle operation. What would you folks recommend for the beginning cattleman?
I really would appreciate your responses. This is not just a neat thing I would like to do.
Do some research and decide which breed you would like to specialize in. Doesn't have to be a purebreed, and cows don't necessarily have to be bred by the same breed bull. Best thing is to talk to other cattleman in your area and find out what works well in your area. The decision factors will also include a source of these type of cattle in your area. Then purchase bred heifers or bred young cows. This will give you some time to decide on your breeding program whether it be natural or AI or both, and whether you want to retain your heifers etc. etc. Your message doesn't explain where you are located. This will allow others on this board in your area to add some of their experiences and advice.

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