looking for sources of aftermarket parts for NH tractors

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Mar 27, 2009
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does anyone know of sources (US or Canada) for aftermarket parts for New Holland TS90 tractor.had to get blower motor for heat and air replaced. the dealer charged $500 for motor plus installation charge.Outrageous.motor is the size of your fist.was told later after market motor available for $40 .now im looking for grill screening which also supports the handle and hood latch..handle and latch ok but just need the curved screen assembly.dealer tells me this is two separate parts(both of which have disintegrared) One screen grille pc is $495 canadian second part is $479..almost a thousand dollars for a poorly designed grille assembly.looks pretty tacky going down the road with a bungee cord wrapped around the hood to keep it closed.
You can go to New Holland's website and look up the part number(s), enter them at Google and search for them that way. I've saved a bunch of $$$$$ filtering through Google results.

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