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Apr 8, 2013
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Hi. We just lost a calf. We aren't sure what happened, she was born early Thursday morning, and sadly was so sick today we had to put her down. Not sure what happened, seemed fine till Sat. Noticed a slight limp in the baby. Seemed a little thin. Yesterday we gave her two bottles and she had a pronounced limp. She got a bottle this morning as well. Tonight she was laying in a heap, vomiting, unable to move and obviously close to dying. Her mother is obviously beside herself. We wanted to look into finding an orphaned calf or one that it's mother rejected to put in with her. Perhaps she would take to it. We would probably have to bottle feed it for a bit, or all the time depending on if mom takes the new little on under her wing, which isn't a big deal. But she is such a good momma it's sad to waste the instinct.

My questions are this: How does one go about finding little ones that fit this description? Call the local breeders or people with cows? Craig's list? Post an add? Is it even worth looking into?

Thanks for any info.

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