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Last year I purchased a 10 acre corner of a 100 acre corn field for a future homesite. We beat the rows down and harrowed till everything was smooth. Then on the advise of several old timers we planted medio seed. The only problem was that the old timers have only heard about the seed and cannot tell me if it came up or not. They do help me identify what is not medio so I think we have it narrowed down. But I would like to see pictures of diffrent stages of medio if any one knows where to look. Thanks

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Here is a web site that has info on your grass. I went to Google.com and typed in the words: Medio grass seed

<A HREF="http://www.dkseeds.com/gbblumd.html" TARGET="_blank">www.dkseeds.com/gbblumd.html</A>

hope this helps

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Where did you get the seed? Perhaps they could help you. If not, check with your local Extension office. They have tons of info on grasses. Good luck..

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