Long Journey

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About 1974 or so, was the 1s t time they started having commercial cattle in 4H and FFA shows, the county fair, etc, around here. The most popular and the ones that won everything, were Char x Herf and Char x Simm (the original red & white ones) . They all looked like that one you just bought. I had a Char X Herf the one year I showed, and my brother showed either a Char x Herf or a Char X Simm every year for four years. All five ended up at my Grandpa's place and had big ole black baldy calves every year. They remained gentle for the10 years or so he would have them, and were not in the least bit aggressive with their new born calves. He always said they were the best cows he ever had, and this coming from a die-hard Angus man. I have to agree...they were no trouble, and always weaned bigger calves than the Angus cows did. I bet she makes you a good cow.

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