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Jan 25, 2007
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Never have seen an ad like this, tell me the pitfalls. It was on Craigslist.

Maximum 40 animal units (see table below for descriptions)

Rate: $15 per month per animal unit

Available for long or short term lease.


Duties of the Animal Owner:

a. To deliver animals on agreed upon date and to remove animals, pay trucking fees.

b. To pay all trucking fees associated with this pasture agreement.

c. Not to contract pasture livestock known to be unhealthy. Any animal appearing to be diseased or in an unhealthy condition may be refused by the pasture provider.

d. Ensure positive means of animal identification either by double tagging or by some means of permanent identification.

e. Necessary veterinary costs will be paid by the animal owner.

f. Assist with loading and unloading of cattle.

Duties of the Pasture Provider

a. To place the perimeter fences and necessary cross fences in serviceable condition prior to the date livestock are brought to pasture.

b. To inspect and maintain all fences.

c. To provide a continuous supply of quality forage.

d. To provide an adequate source of water throughout the grazing season.

e. A conscientious effort will be made to pasture healthy livestock on.

f. To provide free-choice salt and mineral at all times without extra charge or reimbursement.

g. To notify the owner of any unhealthy or injured animals. A joint decision will be subsequently made to contact a veterinarian when necessary.

h. Provide labor for repair of fences.

i. Routinely deworm cattle with reimbursement.

j. Return stray animals to pasture.

k. Assist animal owner with unloading and loading of cattle.

Description of Animal units (multiplier)

One Bull 1.25
One Yearling Steer/Heifer 1
Calf, Six Months to One Year .75
Calf, Three to Six Months .5


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Feb 21, 2009
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Peterborough, NH
That is similar to what I do.
It would cost you $150/ cow:calf pair for 6 months. Figure 20 cow:calf pairs = $3000. If you sell calves for $600, it costs you 5 calves for 6 months of grazing.

If you feed 250 round bales @ $30/bale = $7500 or 12.5 calves.

That leaves you 2.5 calves or $1500 to pay for everything else.

Alot of variables play into it, but it sounds reasonable for quality leased pasture.

kenny thomas

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Nov 16, 2008
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SW tip of Virginia
If I am reading it correctly you would be paying $22.50 per month for a cow/calf until it is six months old then $27.00 till weaning. Would you keep them there all year? If you paid for 9 months cow/calf and 3 months dry cow then the total is $261 per calf weaned. This does not include hay for the three months you will probably feed in your area. You would probably feed 2.5 ton of hay and if it is only $100 per ton (which is cheap) that is another $250. In your area a good calf will not average over $450-$500. All said you have spent $511 to raise a $500 calf without any costs for pasture for the bull, vaccinations, worming, trucking, death loss, ect. I will sell my cows and keep yours for you at this price.


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Jun 27, 2007
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Round Top, Texas
....." $500 calf"........

Man, I'd love to have a $500 calf right about now. Probably costs the same $511 to raise all these $250 calves. Kind of cuts down the "profit" margin.

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