Loader bounce on lowering

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Jul 1, 2004
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East of Dallas Texas
I recently got a 2-105 White/Oliver tractor with a frontend loader. The loader raises and rolls with no problems. But when lowering it bounces/hammers no matter how slow or fast I try to lower it. It does this with or without a hay roll on the loader It will drop about 6 inches then stop hard then drop another 6 inches etc...Ideas and suggestions please.

Just thought to ask about this but dont remember loader model but can get it this weekend.
The return may have an obstruction I would assume this is an aftermarket fel so it was adapted to fit. I don't remember the schematic of a 105 but the return should just dump into the case . other option is valve is not actuating correctly
What M-5 said, also worn cylinders, low fluid. If it has an over pressure relief valve if it is stuck it can also cause that. My old Int 460 had all of those problems and sounds a lot like the way yours is acting.
I would start by putting a restrictor in the "lift" side and see if that fixes it.. there are valves that require pressure on the opposite end of the cylinder to allow it to drop, it makes it so the tractor has to power the loader down and prevents air from being drawn into the system.. Graders have them so that when lifting the blade while taking a cut it makes it controlled.. downside (or perhaps upside) is the loader can't be dropped without the engine running.
Yeah, I'd check for worn cylinders as well, as well as quick connects that can sometimes act up

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