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May 13, 2024
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Hello everyone,

I'm developing a mobile application designed to estimate the weight of livestock, including cows, bulls, horses, pigs, and more, using just 1 to 3 images. I would appreciate your insights on a couple of points:

1. Would you consider using this app?
2. What would be a reasonable monthly subscription fee for you?

Thank you for your assistance!
I would definitely be interested, because I suck at weight estimations. However, I am not big on subscriptions. I would prefer to just purchase it outright.
The calculation process will be done on the server side (on the cloud), because the AI model is a little bit big to store in the mobile device, and servers cost monthly. That's why we want to do it by subscription. (
My eyeball has been pretty darn accurate for half a century.
I wouldn't use it but could see where it could be handy to some rookies.
x2. Sitting at the sale twice a week for decades I am pretty good at estimating weight. If I were really concerned about weights here at home I would install a scale.
If it was accurate it might be handy for dosing medications in the field.
And I'd bet there would be a fair bit of interest from lots of people for various reasons. I wouldn't have need of it myself but would bet there is a market. Not sure about the subscription idea though. Seems like most people that need to know accurate weights that often would already have a pretty good eye.

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