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Tony Jr

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Jun 29, 2004
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Teacher ask little Johnny

If there's 3 birds setting on a fence and you shoot one. How many birds are left?

Little Johnny answer's NONE!
Because when I shoot the first one, the rest will fly off!!!

Well the teacher said I like your THINKING............. But that IS the wrong answer!!!

Well said little Johnny let me ask you a question????

If there are 3 women setting on a bench each with a ice cream cone.
One is LICKING the ice cream cone.
One is EATING the ice cream cone.
And one is SUCKING the ice cream cone.

Which one is married????????????

The teacher thought and thought and thought..................Then said I guess the one SUCKING the cone.

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little Johnny said the one wearing the wedding ring..................BUT I SURE LIKE YOUR THINKING

Hope this doesn't offend anyone, but it really cracked me up!!! :cboy: