Little Johnny

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Jan 13, 2004
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Southeast Louisiana
A second grade teacher was in the process of asking her students what their parents did for a living..Little Johnny, who usually was the first to speak, was oddy silent...After hearing the usual answers of doctor, lawyer, butcher , baker, candlestick maker,,,The teacher forced Johnny to answer..
He said, "My dad is an exotic dancer at a gay bar. He makes most of his money on tips, but ocassionally he goes outside in the alley and has sex with strange men for 20 dollars." they Johnny sat back down.
The teacher clearly disturbed dismissed the class and held Johnny back after the others had left.."Is that what your daddy really does for a living?"
"No" Johnny answered. "He works for the Kerry campaign but I was too ashamed to say that in fromt of the class."
Little Johnny has more sense than his Dad.
I need to send it to some democrat friends, but I don't think that I have any. The Republicans should appreciate it though.
Maybe one of our Georgia posters could send it to the Democrats for Bush chairman; Senator Zel Miller.