Little John, the giant steer

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Apr 18, 2008
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South Dakota plains
Half-joking about the burying thing... I spin into a pit of despair when a big problem faces me, in this case, finding our regular butcher (and two others I called) wouldn't accept him because of his size. I always think of the worst case scenario, then get to working on a solution. I guess that way, whatever I think of is better than what my worst-case was, LOL! This time, the solution turned out way better.

I laughed at the "making money" part. We haven't made a cent since we started this little hobby farm. I'm a born and bred city girl who just wanted to have a milk cow, which turned into three, now back to two, and some chickens for eggs... it keeps me busy and out of trouble most of the time, and we do have nice fresh eggs, milk when the cows are fresh (and cheese and butter and all that stuff), and beef when we keep a steer to butcher. Any heifers we trade for hay with our hay guy, and steers go to the sale barn. Sometimes it seems like we might be breaking even, but I've never been brave enough to put pen to paper and find out. We're not doing this for a living (thank God!), so I'll just keep imagining that once in a while, we at least break even. For sure, we eat well, and this way of living is far superior to the way I was raised. We have quite a nice little place here, and usually things click along with no problems. Usually. ;)

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