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makes a good terminal cross

> What is the best use of a black
> limousin bull? Seem to get a lot
> of negative comments regarding
> commrcial use.
>I know a lot of people in our area cross limo's with their angus to add a little more butt. Limo's are good cattle, just make sure you don't get a fence jumper. makes a good terminal cross
There are some grid marketing programs specifically for Limousin influenced cattle. One of them is the CON-AGRA Better Beef program. Another is the Laura's Lean Meat program. You can read more about these on the North American Limousin Foundation website <A HREF=""></A>. By the way I am not a Limousin breeder although I have done some research on the breed. The Limousin breed is large framed and heavily muscled, however, they lack the marbleing of Angus. The Con-Agra program targets the F1 Limousin/Angus cross. The limousin breed is genetically/naturally lean, with large Rib-eye area and thick butts. Feed tends to convert to muscle rather than fat. Because they tend to not build up fat producers have been able to improve their yield score by incorporating Limousin genetics into their herd. From what I have read a Limousin/Angus cross will produce a carcass that is what the packers are looking for, choice or better and yield grade 1 or 2 and the carcass weight of 650-900lbs. You would not want to cross a limousin with your herd if you already have problems with your slaughter animals carcass weight being too heavy. I currently have 4 Limousin/Gelbvieh cross cows that have been breed to a Angus bull. They should calve next month and I am looking forward to seeing the calfs. By the way these cows are all very docile with large frames, thick butts, large barrels and are solid red in color.

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