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Angus Cowman

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Oct 12, 2008
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the Great State of Mental Distress ( Florida)
I went to a Limi show this weekend and I was astounded at how many Angus bulls and cows carry Limi Papers on them, I didn't know you could register angus as Limi's :???:
I did see a few bulls and cows that were what I always thought a Limi should look like but these were in the minority

The thing I always liked about a limi was their nice hip and hindquarter and there was very few that had that also the % of real red Limi's was shocking because I would say 80% were black

I guess everyone as breeders just needs to quit calling their bulls Limi, Simmental,Angus, and any other breed and just start one called BLACKS

I know I just opened a can of worms but why have different breeds if they are all going to look the same

That is my opinion and I know it is not worth much
This has been disscused here before and you will get lots of opinions.

Mine ( it isnt worth anything) is the angus assoc. has or had a good promoter and now if it isnt black it gets docked at the barn. So most are turning everthing black. ( I even have a black angus bull for the herfs) While we still intend on breeding Horned herfs we could stand a few baldies also. JHH
I have asked that many times as well why black is the "God" of colors in the US it is not here at all. Reds and baldies sell much better and the only things that really get docked a bit were the greys but now that is changing as well. As long as the cattle are good cattle the color does not make a difference to the feeders or slaughter houses.

So why is it so different in your area ???

I do like some of the black Gelbviehs but find right now the frames are a bit larger than what I am shooting for, but being black has nothing to do with me liking them, they could be pink and I would still like the look of the cows.

I guess Holsteins were easier, it was my choice of dairy breed and you could not cross it with anything else and register it.
Here is the bigger question though..

Why was AC (Angus Cowman) at a Limi show this weekend to begin with ??????? :lol2: :p
hillsdown":kpb00a0u said:
Here is the bigger question though..

Why was AC (Angus Cowman) at a Limi show this weekend to begin with ??????? :lol2: :p
HD I am not prejudice Even tho I like Crown Royal I will still drink Jim Beam occasionally :drink:

Maybe I was trying to broaden my horizons and then I figured out I am on top of the game because they are trying to catch up with me :lol:
Red Bull Breeder":1hc7120q said:
I think it was a learning experience for him HD. Was trying to convince him how much easier red cattle would be on his eyes.

And they are just as easy to find in the snow as the blacks.. :lol2:
And easier to see in the dark. But his post has a lot of merit to it. In this day and time even in the US there is a good market to be found for most any breed of good quailty calf.
Can anyone explain why they would allow breeds to be cross registered? What would be the point of a registration for different breeds if that is allowed? That seems like a mess to me. If I wanted Reg. Limi's then I would hope they had no Angus blood mixed in them.
Question...Are Limi's known to be poor milkers? A friend made that statement to me the other day.
It's my understanding they aren't real good milkers, and they have a leaner meat with less marbling, that is the reason they are crossing with angus.
Long ago and far away some of them didn't milk to good and like in all breeds some still won't. The ones i have milk pretty good or they don't stay. My calves always sell at top market prices but i don't use the sale barn. I also have had angus and herefords and seen some off them that didn't milk.
NALF has had a program in place for percentage Limousin cattle for I know at least the last 20 years. No matter what breed was used at different times you would be able to breed animals back up to purebred status when a bull reached 93% and a female 87%. A couple of years ago NALF decided to start a LimFlex program. We were one of the last breeds to do this as Simmental, Gelbvieh and others did it way before us. The guidelines are they must range somewhere between 25%-75% either Limousin or Angus to qualify to be called a LimFlex. Anything other than that will be a percentage or Fullblood. As far as the poor milking issue that would probably have been more true about 15-25 years ago looking at the breed as a whole vs. some of the other breeds. Its not the case now overall but just as there are many other breeds that have poor milking bloodlines the Limousin breed still has a few bloodlines that do not milk great.

Circle H Ranch
What's the matter, AC? Them angus ain't got enough attitude for ya? :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
Maybe they added Angus so they could kick you more accurately? I've always found Angus to be very good kickers. They can nail you just about every time!
Don't know much about limousin? Seems whenever I see some go through the sale barn they are snaky and like to let fly at the ring man!
I have been very interested in Limi's since last November when I purchased three 1/2 Limi. 1/2 Murray Gray heifers. Phenotopicly they are the best cattle on my place. But two have yet to have calves. One of the three had a bull calf this year and although he is small, maybe from a very young first time heifer, he is the best calf I had this year and she has plenty of milk he is fat and happy.

***I bought the heifers as open. One of the three ended up being bred.
I think what what angus cowman was getting at was how strongly some of the stock he saw looked like angus. I didn't do all that well in the show but got a lot of comments on how calm my stock was.
Red Bull Breeder":2pvzckf1 said:
I think what what angus cowman was getting at was how strongly some of the stock he saw looked like angus. I didn't do all that well in the show but got a lot of comments on how calm my stock was.
That is exactly what I was meaning RBB
Also you should be proud of your breeding for actually raising and breeding Good quality LIMI's and not chasing the hot fad of the moment, your cattle look like what I always beleived a Limi should look like and you have some very nice cattle that I would be proud to own