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Sep 19, 2004
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One of the bunch.

Wow, looks like you could lay down and take a nap on that topline. ;-) Most of the Limi's down here are bigger boned and she looks a bit more fine boned. Good cow tho and probably raises a good calf. Udder is breaking down a bit but as long as the calf can find it that's all that matters.
Good looking gal for sure. I'm with TB, udder is not perfect, but teats don't seem too bad at this point. She looks good in her working clothes, and that top line is perfect. Cowman's kind of cow. I like her.
Tremendous cow from the pic. As was pointed out, the teats seem to be fine, and I'm guessing she milks heavily. Lorenzo, this is what a topline is supposed to look like. Put a white motley face on her, and she'd fit right in with the old Herf/limi cross cows that served my uncle so well.
Thanks for the comments. I think we'll keep her a while longer. We raised her as we do them all.
Red Bull Breeder":1085ut1j said:
Limousin Girl remember real Limis are red. :p

I know, I think you have finally convinced me that "real" Lim's are red :) But hey, black are still real cows aren't they!? :)
Sorry Wewild, not meant to hijack your thread, we just like to give each other a hard time about the Blacks and Reds. :)

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